About Cornerstone Homes

Cornerstone Homes was founded in 2002 by Chris Moock.  Cornerstone Homes is truly passionate about building homes and takes very seriously the opportunity they have to work with people and families in creating the most personal investment they will ever make. Cornerstone Homes is already creating homes in some of the most sought after communities in Edmond and Oklahoma City.

Why do our customers choose Cornerstone Homes?

Communication – A consistent line of communication between the builder and the customer is crucial to the success of the building process. Cornerstone Homes has an unparalleled reputation in communicating with our clients via on-site meetings, email, texts and weekly updates on the building process and progress.

Selection Procedure – We have provided a clear and organized approach to making decisions related to the details of your home. By the time the home is framed you will have made 80% of the selections needed to complete the home. We feel that with our approach, you can make those decisions more effectively in a condensed 30-60 day period with or without the assistance of our decorator. This requires more time up front, but it allows you less stress and uncertainty while the building process moves along. We will do everything we can to assist you in the selection process to ensure that you will be satisfied with your home.

Construction Management – When interviewing builders you will find that in most cases Cornerstone Homes will be able to project a faster completion date for your home than our competition. How can we do this? We manage the construction of our jobs so that there is very little downtime on the jobsite. Our subcontractors and suppliers have been working with Chris as long as fifteen or more years. They are aware of Chris’ expectations and the working relationships have been forged and refined over time to provide for a streamlined and efficient construction process. A home of the utmost quality is best built with a highly organized and managed construction process.

Trust – Just as Jesus Christ said, that the greatest commandment behind loving God with all you heart was to love your neighbor as yourself. We strive to have that same attitude with our customers. In this, the most personal of investments, you need to trust your builder. We feel that you will know that you can trust the relationship before you even commit to us building your home. We would be happy to have you contact our other customers to find out about their Cornerstone Homes experience. We are proud to have satisfied customers before, during and after move-in day.

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